diegetic: the music,pilots talking, knocking on the door,   non diegetic:space ship,gun shots,aliens grunting,change up the beat,punching the aliens, camera angles and movements mid shot low angle pan zoom close up long shot tracking level angle over the shoulder eye angle crane tilt flash back cut x8

Its a new olympics with if u loose u die because theres to many people in the world.In the sprint we had to run for our lives ¬†literally because you are getting chased by cheetah.Also in high jump the bar is a large snake so u can’t touch it or you will get eaten. So […]

How does shakespeare communicate his ideas about fate in romeo and Juliet? Intro Shakespeare communicates fate with plot events, metaphor, prologue, coincidence, premonition.Some quotes¬†‘He that hath steerage of my course, direct my sail ” Plot events A way shakespeare communicates plot events is.When fair john couldn’t get the letter to Romeo because that lead to […]

friar lawrence cell friar john,friar lawrence Why didn’t Romeo get the message Friar Laurence sent him? Because Friar Laurence sent the letter with his friend, Friar John, who was delayed due to an unfortunate mix-up.Someone accidentally thought he had the plague.Next time, don’t use up all your minutes, Friar.Friar John comes back without having delivered […]

characters:Nurse,Lady capulet,Capulet,Musicians,pete,Paris location:capulet chamber The scene started with early wednesday morning nurse comes to wake juliet up in the morning,She discovers juliets dead.Fair shows up and says shes gone to a better place and take juliet to her tomb.parris is very sad that his best day would end up his worst.